John Williams will conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra tomorrow at a worldwide event that will be broadcast online

October, 15; 2021. By
The film musician John Williams, who needs little introduction, and author of some of the most famous soundtracks in the world cinematographic firmament, has seen fit to accept the invitation of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra to, in an unprecedented event, direct it and make his most emblematic compositions sound.

This event will be broadcast live tomorrow, Saturday, October 16, 2021 in the afternoon at seven Berlin time. It is accessed after paying a ticket. It will have a repeat the next day.

Little more can be said about this event that fills us with enthusiasm and joy, since it unites two well-recognized artistic talents such as the baton of John Williams himself who will direct the concert, as well as the entire set of musicians and recording technology. of the aforementioned philharmonic orchestra.

Impossible to miss it!
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