Is cinema as art losing importance?

February, 09; 2022. By
One of the things that the editor of this publication likes is to go poking around the comment areas of other newspapers (because this magazine at the moment does not admit public opinions from readers) to see what people really think; let us remember these comments are partially anonymous and we already know that with the mask that anonymity provides, truths tend to flourish, in the same way that they flourish with wine or from the mouths of children, as is well known by all.

Well, this publication also likes to elevate these comments by writing articles like this one, that is, putting "above" what was previously "below", or putting the comments below, above, at the beginning of a news item, as this is the case that concerns us. From these comments we can glean the bad press that subsidized Spanish cinema has acquired among the people of Spain, we don't really know why; and on the other hand, the voices that assure that there is "streaming" fatigue, a fact that was developed in another previous article in this medium, in addition to the fact that cinema as an art could also be feeling some fatigue since people are realizing that there are no interesting new proposals these days.

Well, paying attention to this last thought, we can say that it could be true, that the viewer is suffering from a certain weariness with respect to new releases that, instead of presenting something old as novel, are capable of presenting something new that already smells old just out of the oven. And now it is necessary to focus on painting, another distinguished artistic discipline, in order to predict, making a possible parallelism, the present and future of cinema.

For centuries, painting has been in force and has been the main vehicle for disseminating and telling stories. No one questioned the medium with which these stories were told, there have simply been artists with greater or lesser wisdom when it comes to representing them. Therefore, from Giotto to Van Gogh, many hands have passed over the brushes with varying success, and as we say, the responsibility lies almost exclusively on the side of the artist.

And so it is in the movies. If good cinema is not made today it is because there are no good filmmakers. Because it is possible that the cinema will accompany us for a few more centuries as the king of art, or it may not (remember the interactive spaces, very consumed today, but perhaps due to the lack of a good cinematographic offer). But what is clear is that we need good artists, good hands, so that, once the 21st century has entered and cinema has lost its novelty, new and accurate points of view arise and are capable of captivating the viewer as in the past.
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