Kaptavita, the fifth film by Pedro Alonso Pablos, already exists

February, 12; 2022. By
The editor of this publication and film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos wishes to present to the world, in a first approximation, his fifth animated film, Kaptavita.

With the interest that it could be the first feature film in which only one name appears in the credit titles, the producer mentioned, since he has made it almost entirely alone, as is customary, using the well-known technique "solo filmmaking". The fact that only one name appears in the credits is a simplification since many other people have worked indirectly for this film to see the light, for example the sound engineers of the music program that Pedro uses to create the soundtracks.

The fact that this film already exists is a milestone in Pedro's filmography; It is the fifth animated feature film and it could be the last, since number five is a good number and for various reasons it could not increase that figure much more. As a whole, these five films, this small sample of what the human being can do, this pentalogy, we say, Pedro wants to baptize it "the five films of Pedro Alonso Pablos" and hopes that such a title will be adopted by the public, waiting for it to do some more, which, as we have already said, is unlikely in the short term.

About the fact that these films have not won any film awards, the editor of this post can talk a little. And it is that at first Pedro complained that they did not give him prizes but at the end of this film, perhaps like when Don Quijote regained his sanity on his deathbed, perhaps Pedro now thinks that it is better that way. Better without prizes, for various reasons that he will be revealing in future articles.

Now there is nothing left but to rest from a well done job, Pedro (me) is still young, he is 43 years old, so predictably he will be able to enjoy the success he has gained for a few more years.

And for the public it only remains... See the film when it is available!
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