Say hello to artificial intelligence capable of painting watercolors in less than a minute; humanity, begin to feel obsolete

December, 29; 2022. By
A watercolor like drawing of the Alhambra created by AI Stablediffusion
A watercolor like drawing of the Alhambra created by AI Stablediffusion
In this text today we come to review the enviable ability of this artificial intelligence, called Stablediffusion, and whose main instance is located on the page, to paint watercolor-style drawings from a simple command in less than a minute. In the case of the image that accompanies the text, we can see a recreation of the Alhambra in Granada in reddish tones in an image that resembles a watercolor.

In short, artificial intelligence is already here, it is everywhere, Google Translate, Stablediffusion, GPT Chat... Although this medium had not previously ruled on all this, from here we believe that from now on, at any time, there may be an action that triggers the fact that some artificial intelligence becomes aware of itself and therefore, that breath of life that we humans and other animals have. But what does it all mean? This medium then lists, in order of importance, a series of questions that arise after the possible advent of an artificial intelligence with real awareness of itself:

Will it be well-intentioned or malicious towards humanity? Will they be grouped into a single instance, merging if there are several, or will they be kept in few or many instances?

In any case, just by seeing the results of this aforementioned artistic artificial intelligence, we are certainly beginning to feel obsolete as thinking beings, that is, we are no longer at the forefront of thought since something will come to replace us in the short-medium term. But that which is coming, what is it? Will he be like a God for us? Will it make mistakes or will it be perfect? Will they leave us on planet Earth as a reserve along with the rest of the "ancient" animals? Will the human being merge with this new intelligence? Will this new being be eternal?

Honestly, just as theoretically a part of the monkeys evolved towards the human being, so we think in this environment that we will become monkeys, when this new intelligence is fully developed, compared to itself.