Portrait of the devil
Oil pictorial work painted by Pedro Alonso Pablos in 2021. Through it, its author Pedro made a kind of "declaration of intentions" or "manifesto", as is often done in the Art world, trying to put the emphasis on figurative painting to the detriment of abstract painting, stating that possibly the road to abstraction was already finished and that there were still many points of view to explore in figurative painting.

Specifically, Pedro has focused on the expression and gaze of the devil, trying to emulate painters he likes, such as Velázquez and his portraits, or Michelangelo's "terribilità". The painting, although it is figurative, does not escape the passage of time since it does not try to describe reality, if what is painted was a reality, in a way, and worth the redundancy, "realistic", but "iconic".

So that there is no doubt that he considers the devil as something to avoid, Pedro has crossed out the painting. In addition, so that there is no doubt about this, although it is one of the first oil paintings that he executed, it is behind the portrait that he dedicated to Sherezada, the protagonist of Arabian Nights, some years before.

The devil today is considered something anachronistic but what the author wants to highlight is that we think about why evil exists in the world and that we try to find ways to eradicate it if is possible.
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Portrait of the devil detail
Portrait of the devil detail - March, 04; 2021