Pedro Alonso Pablos will subject his films to a profound improvement, especially from a visual point of view

March, 14; 2024. By
Film producer, and director of this publication, Pedro Alonso Pablos, has recently begun to carry out a process of profound improvement to his animated films.

In essence, these films are, or were, approximately 85% complete, that is, there were small details that had to be reviewed. The intention is not to depart from a simple animation, but to touch up certain things that can be improved without significantly changing the visual appearance of the films.

Thus, La ruta de los elefantes has recently been improved and left "seen for sentence", "ready for eternity", according to Pedro's criteria. This new and possibly definitive version can be seen already on Filmin streaming platform, where it was originally released.

Now it's Triskipolis's turn. In it, mainly vectors will be modified, in case they are unfinished or not reviewed; those that make up the drawings of the characters and some backgrounds to reduce the "unfinished" look. In the audio section, however, the changes will be minimal, if any.

Let us remember that Pedro's films are alive, since he can modify to the taste and displeasure - of the viewer, of course - almost any detail of them. But the intention is not to let them evolve over time, but to reach a point where simplicity combines with an interesting finish and there they stay.

The writer will comment on it as events develop...
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