Second feature film by Spanish animation film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos. In it, a girl and a boy, brothers, travel to Triskipolis, the hidden city of the elves, with the help of their uncle.

Continues the path initiated by his first feature film, La ruta de los elefantes, in the sense that he tries to coin a myth not yet coined in the cinema, in this case the hidden city mentioned.

In addition to its detailed animation and entertaining rhythm, with surprisingly interesting dialogues even though the film is mainly aimed at children, it has up to six original top-level musical tracks composed entirely by Pedro.

The technique used is still known as "solo filmmaking", that is, the film has been entirely made by Pedro with the help of Alba Peso for the female voices.

The film premiered on Amazon Prime Video for the United States in January 2019 and quickly a significant number of pages, pirate or not, from around the world, made reference to it. No doubt a film worthy to be enjoyed.
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