Imaginary friends begin to proliferate in the cinema

April, 08; 2024. By
My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend creativity
My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend creativity
This 2024 it seems that they are ready to screen a series of films with the theme of imaginary friends, as the writer, film producer and director of this publication, Pedro Alonso Pablos, well started in 2020 with the creation of his My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend film.

To correctly trace this current, that of imaginary friends in the arts, we can say that at a literary level there are many books on this topic, varied, old or new. But on the screen things are more restricted and our search begins in 2004 with the animated TV series "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", created by the always solvent Craig McCracken (also creator of The Powerpuff Girls), which gives the "starting shot" for the topic on the screen in general.

Afterwards it seems that imaginary friends are slightly forgotten, as usually happens (heh heh), and it is not until 2020 with the aforementioned animated feature film My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend when almost certainly invisible friends return to the fore, also very probably starting the adventures of these characters in cinema format, that is, in feature film format.

And this 2024 it seems that a little light has turned on in Hollywood and it has said to itself that perhaps the theme of imaginary friends is interesting and 2 films with this theme are going to be released: the first is "Imaginary", a horror film; the second is "If", which is also about these fictional characters.

So "suddenly" we went from nothing to everything and, thus, it seems that the cinematographic spectrum is beginning to fill with imaginary friends, as expected, since we have always thought in this publication that it is a very interesting topic for cinema, as we have demonstrated with our third feature film already mentioned several times in this same article (and once more that we are going to mention it).

But let no one be fooled, if there is a manifestation of this artistic theme that stands out above the others (ha, ha, ha), and I hope time gives me its approval, it is my proposal itself, My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend, the authentic one, the genuine one (ha, ha, ha).