Fight for yur luv

August, 15; 2005. By
During this summer it has taken place, in different cities of the world, the birth of an international and sounded love: Tom Cruise, world known actor, and Katie Holmes, one of the most advanced learner of a new fresh generation of young actors and actresses that is currently starting to bright in the movie horizon, are dating.

But some media haven't been able to stop their thruthful and horrible desires to talk about it, and they have said that it is a made up, because it has happened just when the two of them were promoting a movie (Steven Spielberg's adaptation of H.G. Wells War of the Worlds for Cruise and Warner's Batman Begins for Holmes), and that they have only seen and talked to each other 4 times in their lives, and have talked 5. The first, when they dated, on the phone, it is not known where exactly was Tom and where exactly was Katie; second, when they had dinner on a private jet, and they took sushi. Third, in Italy and France doing some promotion, and they even kissed. Fourth, on Batman's promotion, in Japan and fifth on Batman's promotion in some place of Asia.

And here we explain why we think it is not a made up and it is true love:

First, they say it was on promotions. Well, it is true but, actually, Tom Cruise is always on promotion. This is, he goes to a shop to buy shoes, they are promotion; he goes to a hotel, it is on promotion; everything is on promotion for Tom, he could have gone skuba diving and have more promotion, so that point doesn't show any advantage for the media who think their love is not true. Second, Katie Holmes doesn't need any more promotion because she is currently one of the ladies that has had the honor of cockpiting the Batmobile, so none of them, as it is clear, need any promotion.

Third, the dinner in the private plane and the dish they chose, sushi. Here the media aimed closer, but didn't really finish anything because, how it can be that two people that love each other and have money to have sushi in a private jet can't, indeed, choose to have a romantic dinner in a private jet taking sushi?, and fourth, the media say that they have only seen each other 4 times. But, as there are reported loves in which lovers had seen each other even a couple of times and they later have actually died because of the love they felt to each other, and there are lovers that only see one day a week or even a month or a year in some circumstances, it is not a significant thing the fact that they have only seen each other four or five times. It really tends to appear the opposite, this is, that their love is so strong that they only see in certain circumstances and in seldom ocasions.

So that is why, to sum up, i think the media is hurting the hearts of people that only want to have a love like anybody else can, so Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: you must fight for yur luv
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