Guillermo del Toro is preparing a great animation series for Netflix, called Trollhunters

October, 05; 2016. By
Trollhunters still
Trollhunters still
The world-wide known director Guillermo del Toro is preparing his upcoming new animated TV series for Netflix, called Trollhunters.

It is a great opportunity for the director to start streaming series with the help of that internet channel (Netflix) and Dreamworks, the company who owns the rights of the creation.

Those rights were acquired by Dreamworks in 2010 to make a movie, film that was never made. In 2015, Guillermo published an illustration book of the idea. And now Dreamworks, Netflix and Guillermo del Toro join forces to launch these TV series, late this year. The series relate the adventures of some characters located in Arcadia, an intriguing sub-world.
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