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Videogames made by only one person, trending these days

January, 07; 2019. By
These days is reaching the ears of the news crawlers of this online magazine the growing importance of videogame studios composed by only one person, who frequently and necessarily performs all the creative tasks to develop a videogame such as design, music and programming and game mechanics.

Although the cinema has been touching the hearts of the people of our small world for quite some time now, in this medium (cinema) these creative attempts are not frequent and we can highlight mainly Lotte Reiniger, a German female animator who made films almost alone with silhouettes during the Twentieth Century, and Pedro Alonso Pablos, nowadays producer who brings together most of tasks to make movies, whether short, medium or feature films.

But although in the cinema this is considered as something intermediate, not an end in itself, but as a practice stage to then enter to work in a large studio, we say that although in the cinema this tends to be uncommon, in the videogame world, perhaps due to the different length of the games created, this condition is very frequent and there are several studios integrated by a single person who have excelled with their creations in the indie world of computer entertainment.

The main example that comes to our ears is the developer called Lucas Pope and his game Return of the Obra Dinn, available on Steam, with a great soundtrack and game dynamics and very interesting visuals. So much so that the lonely developers who strive to do things on their very own, perhaps due to the limitations they have, make their creativity advance double.

Other names worth to mention are: Thomas Happ, Eric Barone or Jonathan Blow; solitary developers who are aiming at this new trend where creativity merges into a single person and that is currently trending these days.