Disney formalizes the purchase of Fox for 62800 million euros

March, 20; 2019. By
The company created by Walt Disney, commonly known as Disney, has finished buying the assets of Fox to create a media mastodon never seen to date, given that it has received green light from the competition regulators in several countries, for a price of 62800 million euros.

In principle this makes Disney the world's leading entertainment actor, if it was not already, with assets ranging from the universes created by George Lucas (Star Wars as flagship), Marvel (with the excellent creations of Stan Lee), Walt Disney's own classic movies, and also now joins all the assets of Fox to the family (The Simpsons and Avatar, for example). So to speak, the only competition that this conglomerate has, and at a great distance, is the small intellectual property (in comparison with the aforementioned group) that supposes to have Superman and Batman, in addition to Harry Potter, in the assets of Warner Brothers.

The truth is that it scares a bit that all this intellectual property can be under one umbrella, in competition terms, but as we know, in a globalized world the United States would be hurting itself if it did not allow such a conglomerate, since this would prevent it from obtaining a dominant situation around the world. Therefore, we can say with this merger, and also mentioning the technological conglomerates like Google and Facebook, that anti-trust laws are subject to be thrown to the wastebasket, except in Europe, which is either too idealistic or too silly.

At the operating level Disney is about to launch a streaming service that needs to take over Netflix. This company, although it is doing it well as a streaming service, has little creativity, because their titles, being too long series and not having much substance, become disposable products (always in our humble opinion, as we have pointed out other times in this magazine), and so it must go down the streaming Olympus so that Disney rises as a winner, more than 50 years after the sad demise of the founder of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary for Disney to react and pull its titles from other platforms, including Youtube shorts, so that justice is accomplished and good content triumphs over mediocrity. Among those harmed we can list Netflix mainly, but also Youtube and Amazon Prime Video, two other actors who will be seriously resented if Disney is able to organize their ideas and launch their expected streaming service itself. Cheer up!