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Awesome recreation of the Millennium Falcon in Disneyland California now visitable

August, 23; 2019. By
Millenium Falcon at Disneyland, California
Millenium Falcon at Disneyland, California
Star Wars fans, which in principle we are all, we could be in luck, since the company founded by Walt Disney and owner of all the rights of the aforementioned saga, created by George Lucas, has been working hard to recreate at scale 1: 1 (that is, in real size) the legendary Millennium Falcon, that is, the most emblematic spaceship of the saga, in its special section dedicated to it in Disneyland California itself (Galaxy's edge).

Although no member of this publication has visited it, we have been able to appreciate the few photographs that have been distributed of the recreation and the truth is that it is striking how realistic this recreation is (considering that it is an invention therefore all these terms are somewhat contradictory because it is rare that a representation of an invented object can be realistic, but who cares).

In addition, the Millennium Falcon is flanked by a mini-market also set in the saga and other units that are very well designed and built, very true to its essence. The only problem to enjoy these recreations, which produce strong emotions in their visitors (some even cry of how beautiful and faithful everything is), is the price, since some of the experiences that can be enjoyed in Disneyland California related to this saga cost a whopping $200.
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