FlixOlé platform will add to its catalog the entire Torrente saga during June of this year
May, 27; 2020. By
The Spanish video-on-demand platform FlixOlé is going to make a high-profile premiere, and that is that during June of this year the five titles that make up one of the most successful sagas of Spanish cinema, Torrente, will be added periodically, captained by the beloved and always chameleonic Santiago Segura.

This will be an unparalleled opportunity to remember these five films that have made history in cinema and particularly Spanish cinema. As we all know very well, in true El lazarillo de Tormes style, as has been commented on other times in this magazine, the aforementioned Santiago Segura makes an accurate x-ray of a certain part of Spanish society with great humor and cinematic height.

This saga is, however, the tip of the iceberg of what can be found on the FlixOlé platform, since it suitably gathers the best of recent and not-so-recent Spanish cinema, as well as other titles from the producer of the beginning of the twentieth century RKO and a good representation of Italian cinema.

It is, also, for the pleasure of this means of communication, the best homeland bet at the cinema level on the Internet that exists today, with a high eye, since the platform is accessible from almost anywhere in the world having great success in Latin America and also North America, where universities and fans of our cinema enjoy subscribing to said platform.

Undoubtedly a great bet that is completed with the finishing touch of the Torrente saga, which will be added during the month of June to its catalog, as we have already mentioned.
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