Berta Jayo's new work "sends the world's top political leaders to hell"

November, 19; 2020. By
Devil Portraits fragment, a work by Berta Jayo
Devil Portraits fragment, a work by Berta Jayo
The multidisciplinary artist Berta Jayo (Santander, 1971) has done it again; within the framework of this year's New Media Festival that has been held in the city of Miami, Berta has presented a video entitled "Devil Portraits" in which there are photomontages -one of Berta's specialties- with portraits of the top leaders world politicians today characterized as the devil.

This artistic intervention could not be more relevant at this time since, we do not know if with the aim of helping humanity, or with the aim of destroying it, or simply due to the difficulty of holding such positions, the top world leaders have to make decisions that are always controversial and that are never good for all, so they bring their personalities closer to the figure of the devil and hell, artistically, as Berta has well pointed out in this artistic intervention.

Berta Jayo is a multidisciplinary artist who has previously impacted society especially with her photomontages, a medium in which she outstands, having "removed" large monuments from their surroundings, through photomontage, or having colored the European cathedrals, in amusing as well as impressive proposals, and taking full advantage of the medium of photography, a medium that by the way is a bit forgotten today as a vehicle for artistic manifestation.
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