The coronavirus takes away the Mexican musician Armando Manzanero at the age of 85, the last great poet of America

December, 29; 2020. By
Yesterday, Mexican musician Armando Manzanero died due to complications from the coronavirus. It is a day of mourning for music in Spanish and for Mexico.

This composer brought to the world some of the best known songs that are included within the genre "Mexican bolero" as we all already knew, thus contributing to mold and forge it through the imprint that Armando left on his songs. "Somos novios", "Esta tarde vi llover" and "Contigo aprendí" are the spearhead of his string of songs, which number more than 400.

Versed by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or the mythical group Los Panchos, this singer-songwriter takes with him the ability to move us with his music, known worldwide, and therefore his songs will remain forever in our hearts, in addition to being the last great poet of America, the last great poet of Spanish music.