Pedro Alonso Pablos presents his new series, Daga bailaora

June, 29; 2021. By
Daga bailaora still
Daga bailaora still
The animated film producer, also the director of this publication, Pedro Alonso Pablos, has seen fit to present to the world his new series, Daga bailaora, about a flamenco heroine who fights against the powerful and helps the unprotected thanks to her dancing skills and the use of knives.

The series, of which the first chapter has already been published, will be made entirely by the producer and will feature a series of musical themes - very flamenco - that will accompany Daga in her adventures.

The whole approach is a pure cliché, from the "white towns" where the action takes place (yes, those Andalusian dream towns), to the characters, which are reflections of stereotypes based on life itself and with whom we will feel tremendously identified. In this first chapter we can discover Daga, with her hypnotizing dance and the corrupt governor, to which Daga steals the money and sets a precedent to pursue her mercilessly. One of the governor's henchmen will make an appearance as well. The general story is equally part of the common since it is included in the plot of "benefactor who helps the oppressed", like Robin Hood and many others.

Without a doubt, a fantastic excuse to enjoy flamenco and cinema, and a reason for the producer to show his liking for flamenco and all things related to southern Spain.
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