Today marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of Pedro Alonso Pablos' first animated feature film, La ruta de los elefantes

September, 13; 2021. By
La ruta de los elefantes movie still
La ruta de los elefantes movie still
Exactly today September 13, 2021 marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the animated film La ruta de los elefantes, the first feature film by the producer and director of this publication, Pedro Alonso Pablos.

The truth is that the world is more or less the same, more or less disorderly. It does not seem that the launch has meant much to the world, since well, yes, it has had its diffusion, the average; But on a cinematic level, Hollywood kids continue to make their movies, using stratospheric budgets for each film and a very long line of participants in the production of each film. Meanwhile, in Europe, the cinema boys (some less, perhaps) continue to make their subsidized films and they continue to tiptoe through the world of cinematography, as always.

Nothing has changed. No one has ventured to follow in the footsteps of Pedro, the film's producer, and powerful examples of one-man cinema, or solo filmmaking, still don't appear. In Spain, specifically, and outside the cinematographic world, we continue to fight without agreeing on anything, and light continues to rise in price.

Definitely. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, has changed. Or perhaps something, indeed? Happy fifth birthday to Ibu and the rest of the troop!
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