Some notes on the animation film genre

September, 11; 2022. By
At this time we come to describe and point out certain aspects of one of the film genres preferred by the child and youth population, and also by this means of communication; we refer to the famous and distinguished genre of film animation.

Well, it has already been said several times that the so-called animation genre is actually a technique rather than a genre in itself, but hey, let's accept the common fact that it is recognized as a properly cinematographic genre, even if it is rather a set of techniques.

Leaving aside this conjecture, we can begin to celebrate this genre, that of animation. And it is that these types of films are the closest to the imagination and fantasy; therefore, it is in them where the collective and individual dreams of a population or group of populations are forged, as well as where magic occurs, since it has no place in the real world. In this way, it is a very "high-minded" genre that connects with painting in the same way that fiction or real action would connect with photography, if we were talking about static images.

In short, it is there where our greatest illusions, fears, successes and mistakes flow and coexist, where an unfathomable world of situations and themes takes place; it is there where our minds take off and begin to fly over the -very often- bland reality.

I don't think it takes more epithets to adorn this film genre than those mentioned. But if we want to add something else, from the perspective of the one who writes these own lines that the reader will be avidly devouring, we can say that the technique that the writer uses to make his films, a subgenre of animation, the celebrated "solo filmmaking", is typical of this cinematographic category, the already mentioned animation several times.

And as an addition, the writer, abusing his distinguished position in this article (since he himself has written it), once again asks providence for permission to produce a handful of more animated films, in which the "solo filmmaking" will really give the most of itself, as a manifestation of the "maturity period" of the work of the editor and author of the article, Pedro Alonso Pablos.

Let us remember that great filmmakers, if they can be called that way, cultivate and have cultivated this cinematographic genre, reserved only for the pure and young in spirit, among whom we mention, in addition to mentioning himself again the one who writes, for example Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, and in another scale, for example Tim Burton and many others who have left their mark through this film genre in the collective imagination of the inhabitants of our small world.