The new installment of Avatar, by James Cameron, risks and wins

December, 17; 2022. By
Avatar the way of water still
Avatar the way of water still
Right now in most movie theaters in the world a film is being shown, the sequel to the Avatar franchise, directed by James Cameron, and it will not leave anyone indifferent. Taking risks in every way, since it is released in theaters -as in the past- and not on the internet, and it breaks the schemes of cinema as we knew it in the visual section, this film and its director and promoter/producer, come out triumphant in a world where generally mediocre productions prevail.

It is possible that the tape is not perfect, perhaps it sins a bit of excessive footage (more than three hours of film) and of having a script that is a little... the average; As we say, it is not perfect, but the visual section makes this film something very interesting and worth seeing. Overall, as we say, James Cameron has made a series of brave decisions, and it is necessary that the public support these projects, because it is clear that its director loves cinema and is good at what he does, and will take us to a world that will not leave us indifferent, as other productions that run wild both in theaters and on platforms tend to do.

Therefore, from this medium we urge all readers to flock to see the movie in theaters, so that in Hollywood they find out what they like, not only because, as we repeat, James Cameron has been brave, but because that courage is paid if it goes well, as is the case, and this is something that interests us all.
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