Pedro Alonso Pablos asks viewers to watch and buy more of his films and music

January, 12; 2023. By
Today, and with a bit of sarcasm and in a humorous tone, film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos and director of this publication asks the public of our small world, that is, the general audience, the spectators, that they see and buy more and more of his films and his music (what is for sale mainly on his website/Pliski content platform).

Why? For two reasons. One of them is that there is already enough of Pedro's work to be able to taste it avidly and enjoy it with passion; both musically and cinematically speaking, even literary.

The other reason is that the average viewer has to internalize that, and if the writer said otherwise, he would not be objective, Pedro Alonso Pablos' offer at a film and musical level, mainly, is unique, that is, it is not taking place anywhere in the world; that is to say (again), Pedro's work is currently at the pinnacle of creativity worldwide, or so it seems to him, following more or less objective criteria such as the fact that in addition to being a producer, he is an art scholar (an example of this is this magazine).

If the public of our little world has or wants or should leave a comment on Pedro's work, it's an easy task, 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10 would be the simplest and most realistic option, ha ha ha.

Therefore, in general, Pedro asks the public not to accept imitations: you have to understand that what Pedro is doing is very cool and in this way it is necessary for the audience to consume all of Pedro's feature films, listen to all his music, and a little more. LOL.
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