Prisoner of the dungeon, the new arcade video game by Pedro Alonso Pablos to refresh the summer

July, 20; 2023. By
In these hot summer days, the film producer and director of this publication, Pedro Alonso Pablos, has seen fit to finish and publish a new video game: Prisoner of the dungeon.

That is what this title is called, belonging to the casual arcade genre, which will delight seasoned gamers. It's about helping a prisoner to escape from the dungeon in which he finds himself trying to avoid ugly monsters helped by little fruits that he can collect along the way to increase the score.

Although we are a bit warm up here in summer, this prisoner in the dungeon is in a cold and humid environment (the dungeon itself), which would delight all of us who are feeling a bit hot up here. Some so much and others so little, as they say.

This launch helps to complete the all-in-one entertainment offer of the Pliski platform, which no longer offers only movies, but also some video games that will avoid having to leave the Pliski universe to get all the fun one needs.

In short, a great opportunity to play this little game that will delight, as we have already said, gamers in the family.
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