The new historical film about Napoleon by Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix opens in theaters

November, 24; 2023. By
Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon in a still from the film of Ridley Scott
Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon in a still from the film of Ridley Scott
Today, Friday, after having had good promotion, the historical film about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, directed by Ridley Scott and played by Joaquin Phoenix in the main role of Napoleon, premieres in many countries.

Although according to what is said in the film forums, and as it seems that the director himself has also commented, the script subtly moves away from the story to offer a greater cinematographic spectacle. From this magazine we see that this new work by Scott could certainly be interesting since there is no one like him to film those incredible war scenes, mainly open field battles, like those that occurred at that time.

Joaquin Phoenix, a close collaborator of the director, could also have been a good choice for the role since as an actor he is at a point of certain experience, and contributes a lot to the character since he is a chameleonic actor if there is one (remember the actors have to have a point of this animal to get into the "different skins" they have to get into), having already played the Joker (Batman's staunch enemy) and other characters such as the Roman emperor from Gladiator.

In short, if what we needed was a bit of cinematic action, without a doubt this film is going to provide it, so we must hurry now to go to the theaters to enjoy this film.
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