Good vibes at the 2024 Oscars ceremony

March, 13; 2024. By
Last Sunday, three days ago, the Oscar ceremony, the most important event in the global film industry, took place in Los Angeles, as usual, at the Dolby Theatre. Well, it seems that this year they have been able to turn around the poor audiences of recent times and the gala as a whole has been very followed while transmitting "good vibes" to viewers.

The most relevant fact of the matter has been, in the opinion of this publication, that the main cast of the film Barbie (for example Margot Robbie, the female protagonist, and Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken in the film), remember: that blockbuster last summer, has been invited, knowing that they were not going to win any or almost no prize at the contest (in the end they won the best original song), but that they have contributed to liven up the gala and combine commercial success with the film critics sector. Let us remember that it is when these two parties are pleased that the greatest cinematic successes emerge (in the opinion of this publication).

Afterwards, there has been a certain quality in the selected titles that has contributed to the fact that, together with the spectacle provided by the choreographies and live performances of the event, the gala was entertaining and pleasant to watch, with its ups and downs, its stellar moments, his doses of humor, vindication, etc, which made the evening a very interesting proposal.

This is corroborated by the fact that the audience on traditional linear television in the US has increased to 19.5 million people following the event live, according to Nielsen statistics, and as published in different media. Let's remember that the 2021 gala attracted "only" approximately half of the viewers, that is, 10.4 million, in the US.

Leaving aside these technical data, the overall result is that the gala has been full of "good vibes" that have been transferred to the spectators, to the general public, and that it has once again been able to connect with that great mass of people who went in the summer to see Barbie and other films, such as Oppenheimer, with more serious themes but also widely followed by the public, and which won most of the statuettes.

In the "best animated film" section, which is one of the most "special" sections of the contest, and which is followed with interest by many people as well, this publication considers that "justice has been done" and Hayao Miyazaki's The Boy and the heron has won, therefore there is a feeling that things are being done well and the most attractive candidates as a whole are being rewarded fairly.

So, in short, having managed to unite box office hits with the most exquisite selection of professional critics, the Oscars 2024 have been able to please the general audience, which is ultimately what matters. Very good.
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