First exhibition dedicated to a female painter in the Museo del Prado: Clara Peeters

October, 26; 2016. By
Clara Peeters still life painting
Clara Peeters still life painting
The Prado Museum in Madrid is offering, from october 25th to february 17th, a temporary exhibition dedicated to a baroque female still life painter, Clara Peeters.

It's undoubtedly a great opportunity to see this exhibition of 15 still life paintings from this painter who was hidden in the History of Art, but whose work is today flourishing after 300 years of her death.

Her paintings were conditioned by the fact that she was a woman. She couldn't study painting on a proper center (perhaps she didn't need it as we can verify watching her paintings), and that lead her to paint still life works, beatiful in fact, but limiting her scope.

It's actually a shame that there are just a few female painters in History of Art; this happens either in other artistic disciplines like Architecture (with Zaha Hadid as the only female architect in Western History). But we hope this is slowly changing, and this exhibition definitely helps.
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