Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel universe, dies

November, 13; 2018. By
Yesterday died the comic writer and creator of the Marvel universe (among which you can glean great comic characters such as Spiderman or groups of characters such as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men) due to complications with pneumonia at 95 years of age known as Stan Lee, his daughter reported to the media.

The world of comics rests orphan in a certain way and in mourning, as well as the world of cinema. Stan created a large number of characters from the Marvel universe as discussed and maintained the rights to the creations until the brand was sold to Disney. Although his years of work for comics (60s, 70s, 80s ...) are already far away and perhaps were hard because although there was success within the sector they did not reach fame in the cinema at the moment, in the 90s, 00s the characters expanded as Hollywood clung to them to make films based on their stories, and in this way Stan became a late billionaire because of the richness of the created universe.

On a personal level there is a consensus that he had a very friendly disposition and was a great freak of the comics which is demonstrated in his numerous cameos in the world of cinema.

It is, without doubt, a great loss for the world of comics and cinema, as has already been said in this article, and both worlds should be eternally grateful to the work of this excellent comic visionary.
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