A few words about films for all audiences regarding the premiere of Toy Story 4

June, 21; 2019. By
Toy Story 4 still
Toy Story 4 still
These days, the animated film Toy Story 4 is being released all over the world, with a bittersweet flavor for this editor, since a great film is shown but it is the fourth! part of a very exploited intellectual property already. That's why the bittersweet taste.

In the first place we can say that the visual appeal of the film is very good, that's the way they like it in Hollywood, they have many dollars and they use them with wisdom, being able to supplant the talent with the $$. Anyway, we can say that the $$ could be deferred payments of the talent previously owned.

The second, we have read in some reviews about the film that presents a movie apparently wrapped in a child orientation but that entertains adults equally. Well, do not be surprised, this particularity is what is expected of a film described as "for all audiences", that although a priori may seem a demerit for all those who believe themselves to be intellectuals, it contains the best literary and cinematographic creations to long term. That is, no, you can not show much violence or sex, but several frequencies are allowed in the script, that is, things that surprise the elder, other things surprise the young; some things are loved by the scholars and others by the simple ones. In short, it is the rating of films "for all audiences" that most attracts this publication.

For example, we can mention Shakespeare's work Hamlet, and its abyssal depths in the human and universal nature of the theatrical representation. Or for example the once innocent Bambi, by Walt Disney, that after being distilled by time appears before us as a tremendously emotional and hard film. In this line the films of this creative group, captained and almost entirely formed by the film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, follow this line of production, so we can not hide our taste for it.

The problem of Toy Story 4 is that, as we have said, to enjoy it in this editorial we should have previously seen the 2 and 3, which we have not done yet, and that would take a little time. But in principle we can contemporize a little and enjoy the film, although it is already the fourth installment of the same plot and characters.
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