How many works by the same director / writer can a person see / read?

October, 20; 2019. By
These days the fact that the film director Quentin Tarantino has already stated on several occasions that he will only direct 10 films is vox populi; Well, because of this we ask something very simple in this medium, here and now: How many movies / novels can an ordinary person see / read from the same director / writer?

In principle we must establish two basic periods of diffusion of a work: the time in which the main author is alive on earth and the time in which he is not. When the author is alive, then there is no problem, you can see / read up to 15 or 20 movies / books directed or written by that person, it is currently the case for example of Steven Spielberg, or some writers who write many fiction novels historical or suspense like Ken Follet or John Grisham.

But what happens when the author dies? Then only the best of his work begins to be appreciated and a selection is made. Take for example almost unattainable efforts of authors who have passed away, such as the playwright Shakespeare, of which today a normal person does not go beyond reading or knowing a maximum of 7 of his works. Let's say that Shakespeare is one of the best playwrights in history, so if we practice such treatment to his work, let's think about how we are dealing with works by less than him throughout history (most).

The same thing happens with the movies. After some directors have died such as Akira Kurosawa, Luis Buñuel or even Walt Disney himself, we can see that although they have directed many films (more than 30 in the case of the Japanese mentioned), ordinary people cannot see more than 7 films from the same director. About Walt Disney we can say that although he was not a director, but a producer, applying the same treatment, the number of films that are produced by him round that magic figure that is around 7.

That is why the producer who writes these lines, Pedro Alonso Pablos, is clear that he will not produce more than 7 feature films made using the technique of "solo filmmaking", and that for various reasons this number can be reduced to 5, or less if he died along the way (hopefully not). Just because as the poet says "the useless effort leads to melancholy", and making a film so that it will not be seen by a majority of people enters, without hesitation, into this category.

They should also know all those directors / producers / writers who have written more than 7 works that, whatever they do, the general public will only be able to process up to 7 of their works once they have died, if the circumstance that said director / producer / writer is ranked as one of the best in his field (like the aforementioned Shakespeare).

So the director, to finish as we have begun, Quentin Tarantino does well in directing no more than 10 feature films, even we will be left over 3. There is no doubt in any case that the approach of the aforementioned filmmaker is very correct in this case and in most of them.