The film Godzilla vs. Kong, visually very impressive but with a bland plot, triumphs at the box office worldwide, returning the magic of cinema after the covid to theaters

April, 08; 2021. By
Godzilla vs. Kong picture
Godzilla vs. Kong picture
The film starring two of the most iconic celluloid monsters, that is, Godzilla and King Kong, has returned to battered movie theaters the illusion of the big screen, after the covid has forced the cinema business almost to to close.

And it has raised more than 200 million worldwide, bypassing covid. It is not surprising, because although it is not the first time that these two titans meet, the special effects are up to date and we can see fierce fights, destroyed cities, people crushed like ants, and endless technical portents including surrounding sound effects.

Against it, internet users say that the script is quite simple and bad. But not all films have to have all their attributes perfectly, as it happens with the visual section of this film; It is also normal that if they stand out in any of them, the others are a little further behind. Internet users also complain that films "with little soul" and a lot of special effects triumph at the box office, but what is cinema if not entertainment and spectacle? Each film must have something because if not, we go to sleep, and sleeping is something we can do at home and in bed.

These two monsters, very cinematographic both, have helped to forge the legend of the big screen as art; therefore, they are worthy of admiration and we are very happy in this publication of their return.
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