Pedro Alonso Pablos all-in-one video game, music and movie platform, Pliski, begins to take shape

November, 02; 2022. By
Smileys Invasion 2 still
Smileys Invasion 2 still
These days, film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, who is also the director of this publication (and writes this article), is finishing shaping what will be the "all in one" content platform (music, video games and movies) with Pedro's creations, the Pliski platform.

Thus, it is well known that most of his films are available for purchase through said platform (mainly the website), whose access does not require the download of any app but can be done through a modern web browser.

But the most novel thing is that Pedro is beginning to include mini-games (beyond the titles that make up his well-known Smileys Invasion saga) related to some of his franchises, in this case today an interactive adventure has been incorporated into the platform that will help us everyone to reach the already mythical city of the elves, Triskipolis.

Pedro, the one who writes, believes that it is a good time to take this step since he considers that mobile applications are only a redundancy of the services in the browser itself, since in most cases (if it is not a game with state-of-the-art graphics) there is no need to build an application for a mobile ecosystem, as is the case for example with the Spotify webapp, which works like a charm in the web browser itself.

Connecting the dots, it may be a good time to assert that, as far as possible, Pedro's releases are going to be produced through this Pliski platform, so that the people of our little world do not have to do many more clicks beyond this aforementioned platform.
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