He was a daydreamer, the seventh film by Pedro Alonso Pablos, already exists on the face of the earth

January, 09; 2024. By
He was a daydreamer still
He was a daydreamer still
Today, the director of this media and film producer, Pedro Alonso Pablos, has seen fit to finish his seventh animated feature film, He was a daydreamer, a beautiful "classical style" story about dreams, which will reverberate in our minds in a special way.

So Pedro achieves one of his main vital objectives, that of finishing 7 animated feature films almost entirely made by himself, using the technique known as "solo filmmaking". As the number 7 is a beautiful number, closely related, among other things, to the medium we are talking about, that is, cinema, Pedro considers that the work he has done so far is sufficient and in this way, he will probably slow down releases a little more, and will "break his own discipline", if circumstances require it, and make the production method of feature films a little more flexible. That is to say, he will not mind incorporating a few more people into the production team for future works, or he will change the footage, or modify the budget, depending on various parameters, as events develop.

Anyway, to close the matter, Pedro comments that his dreams have come true, at least the main one because I am sure that a good number of people would be satisfied with having made not even half of them, but rather just a feature film like the ones I am releasing. And in this way we weave the content of the film with the argument expressed in this article.
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