2024 marks 10 years of the Pliski brand

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Pliski logo commemorating 10 years
Pliski logo commemorating 10 years
This year, 2024, marks 10 years of life for the Pliski brand, readers already know, that brand that produces and distributes the music, films and video games of Pedro Alonso Pablos. Coinciding with the year of release of his seventh feature film, He was a daydreamer, the team is preparing for a series of lavish events that will take place to mark these first 10 years of life of this commercial brand, Pliski. We say the team but the reader already knows that this "team" is only one person, its ultimate creator, Pedro Alonso Pablos, editor of this magazine as well, and who writes this article.

Thus, in this text, we are going to try not to err on the side of excessive triumphalism, but reality is more similar to the "sin" that we are trying to avoid (that triumphalism mentioned) than to moderation and acting in a prudent manner. And in just ten years Pedro Alonso Pablos has been able to produce 7 animated feature films practically alone, which gives the whole thing an aura of disproportionate success, a feeling that "the fish is sold" (as the Spanish saying reads) in the world of cinema in a tremendous way.

And, indeed, and trying as best we can to be objective, this publication thinks that in the short and medium term the feat achieved in these ten years by Pedro will be difficult to match. Maybe someone will come along and be able to make an animated feature film almost alone, but seven? Make no mistake, this is an unusual fact.

This is corroborated by the current circumstance that there are no opinions on the Internet about his films, beyond a couple of them poorly placed. But neither on IMDb nor on Filmaffinity, or other international pages, are there even a couple of reviews about any of Pedro's feature-length films (except for the exception that proves the rule: that Filmaffinity review for La ruta de los elefantes written by a friend).

The reception by the industry, both national (Spanish and European) and international (mainly Hollywood and some other interesting production focus, such as animation that comes from Japan), has been quite bland, concise, parsimonious; In short, dull. And indeed "no one is obliged to testify against himself", and recognizing the fact that we are commenting on in this article means assuming that Pedro Alonso Pablos is "light years" away creatively from any other focus of the animated film industry, something that, as we say, these production centers are having a hard time processing. In this way, the only thing this industry achieves, as we have already commented on another occasion in this medium, is to prolong its agony, since as time passes Pedro's films settle into the global collective imagination and the viewers are able to compare these works with the others and verify that the quality, and forgive us for the triumphalist tone, is well above average, whether it was the work done by almost just one person or by 100 employees of a media company.

But let's not make the last thought of this article become something negative, we must rejoice for this reason, this celebration: Pliski turns 10 years old with very good creative health and with the intention of continuing like this.
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