AT&T in strong talks to acquire Time Warner

October, 23; 2016. By
The American communication company AT&T could be in strong talks to acquire the media giant Time Warner, according to some trusted sources over the internet.

It is some sort of a merger due to the volume of the two companies, and reveals the recent weakness of Time Warner in the film field, with a couple of strong franchises, like Batman or Superman, even holding the Harry Potter franchise either, but not being actually able to gain momentum even with those big intellectual properties.

For example Disney, with Spiderman and Star Wars franchises, is being able to create a character ecosystem and monetize it along with other classical characters of its own. Disney is currently facing the "cord cutting" issue but might recover from it in the long term. Their characters remain strong and united.

So let's see what the future of Time Warner is now it is going to be acquired by AT&T.