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Deserved Golden Lion of the Venice film show 2019 for Joker

September, 08; 2019. By
Joker film still, with Joaquin Phoenix
Joker film still, with Joaquin Phoenix
The Venice show seems to have rewarded an interesting film this year, Joker, yes, the film about the origins of the enemy of Batman. Well, this has been a revulsion in the world of film festivals - especially Europeans - because they have rewarded a film with superheores origins, quite punished so far in the contests, moving away from the typical current topic by which the festival has to reward rare movies to give visibility to who knows what causes.

And it is that the film, interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix masterfully, is a trip to the manufacture of a villain, an iconic bad guy like Joker, through madness, always controversial and difficult to treat. Well, its director Todd Phillips and the aforementioned cast, in addition to the main actor also mentioned above, have made the difficult easy and have seduced critics and audiences alike. This has been perceived by the show and has made it known by awarding the main prize of the contest. European festivals have long moved away from the main essence of cinema, the show, to make way, as if they were NGOs, to make visible niches or claims that do not interest the general public. But it is that the cinema, as we have said other times here, being the mirror of humanity, interests the whole world, and as such has to judge movies, in the first place. Then there will be time to increase the zoom of the binoculars, if appropriate, to focus on other things, but if a movie has sufficient quality to, as in this case and we have already commented, like critics and audiences alike, it means that it has a hook for the festivals to reward.

The film is also looking sideways at the Oscars, since Guillermo del Toro's second golden statuette was also anticipated a couple of years ago with his film about the love of a lady and a kind of sea beast. Because currently the Oscars have not finished succumbing to the NGO effect of European festivals, and this seems good to us, and although it is necessary to take a little here and a little there on each occasion, it is fair to reward what the greater interest, and not to turn everything upside down and reward what nobody is interested in. Because otherwise Oscar runs the risk of following the same path and ending without interest to anyone.

In any case, let us all try not to succumb to the excessive current cry of the European awards or that eagerness of what has been called the avant-garde art, in which everything is a claim. Because if the cinema stops being a show, then what will we have left to get excited, to feel the art as if it were ours? Make no mistakes, and sure we will not; as the singer said, "the show must go on".
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