On sale the compilation of the best instrumental music by Pedro Alonso Pablos published until 2020

July, 18; 2020. By
It could be a great day today for all lovers of good "classical" instrumental music, since film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, who is also the director of this publication, has put it up for sale from his online platform a compilation that includes the best of Pedro's musical instrumental compositions until 2020.

In it we will review his filmography since many of the best melodies created by Pedro to date are present in the compilation. We can mention two of the themes of the Twisted series, Alice in Wonderland and The Pied Piper of Hamelin; also the main theme of the short Fabulillas; the main theme of Pedro's adaptation on Arabian Nights; and then a selection of cuts included in his film Triskipolis and in My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend.

In total 13 tracks in high quality .mp3 files, encoded by Pedro himself (in fact these are the ones that Pedro usually listens to), which represent the best to date of the music that accompanies the animated films of Pedro Alonso Pablos.

As stated, this compilation is for sale for immediate download on the Pliski platform.
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