Let's say hello to the AI that can translate movie audio automatically while maintaining the tone of the original voice

September, 28; 2023. By
These days we will all have been shocked on the internet by some very curious videos, these are celebrities whose voices have been translated by an AI and who speak other languages. Specifically, the one we liked the most is Chiquito de la Calzada speaking English.

Well, this is a step forward that represents a tremendous advance in the world of film localization and dubbing in general. And it means that soon, with the help of this tool, most of Pedro Alonso Pablos' films will be available in other languages, respecting Pedro's own voice, which through this software is synthesized and generates audio in other languages. Also from his collaborators.

Pedro, in an article in this same medium, in 2020 predicted that this would be possible in the future (with some small change in the formulation of the solution) but... So quickly?

In short, this will mean that soon many, if not all, Pedro Alonso Pablos' films (and we assume that many other films as well) will be in other languages as if they had been recorded in that same language. And it is a tool that fits like a glove, especially in the field of animation.

These days Pedro is testing what to date seems to be the most advanced in use and reliability, rask.ai application, and it will surely bear good results. Specifically, he is trying with the film Triskipolis, to see if it can translate all the characters...
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